"Kinnectedsm" Alphabiotics

 KinnectedSM offers a unique package of tools to help people with challenges of physical, mental, chemical and emotional stress. Scientific research has conclusively determined that stress is the cause of all life challenges including premature aging and death as well as pain and disease.

   Alphabiotics is a gentle, highly skilled, bio-energetic, hands on process. It is the most scientifically proven, efficient and effective stress relief process in medicine with over 90 years of development and it is the staple of the KinnectedSM Practice.


 I experienced a 4 year long, highly painful and debilitating low back and hip injury. This was the end of a late starting, but promising athletic career in Mixed Martial Arts.  I worked diligently, at repairing this injury naturally but the stress of it all, compounded with the constant pain was painting a grim picture. It looked like surgery was the best last resort.

I then found Alphabiotics, I stayed "Alphabiotically Aligned" for roughly 40 days.....the pain lifted one night and has never returned even after I have highly challenged myself physically. Through Alphabiotics, my body healed itself and I have since become Board Certified Alphabioticist.

The old saying in holistic health "you don't always have what you got" applies here. I had pain in my back, hips and legs but the symptoms were a result of stress. I did not have a "low back challenge" my body had a "stress challenge". Alphabiotics allowed me to lift out of chronic stress and my body healed itself.

From each modality I have incorporated into Kinnected I have similar strong personal success stories, as well as countless stories from my clients.

I believe because "I know" what I do works and I know I can help you!!

Kelly Carter, D.A., M.S.O.M.,C.L.P.

Why do i believe in what i do?


the Kinnected

formula for wellness

Align Well +

                    Eat Well +

                                  Move Well = Live Well



Doing Kinnected sessions may result                 in some side effects, such as; your body    feeling amazing, better energy, a more     youthful appearance, thoughts of bliss           and joy, more harmony in your           relationships and an overall feeling of        peace and healthfulness.  If you are ok         with experiencing these side effects                     then Kinnected may work for you!

a doctor teaches....

"A doctor performs a dis-service by treating symptoms without addressing the cause. Address the cause, take time to teach how to thrive healthfully and you not only do the individual a great service... but the entire world!"

                       Kelly Carter, D.A., M.S.O.M., C.L.P

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            Kinnectedsm alphabiotics

                                              "Healing Happens From Top to Bottom and From the Inside Out"                                                                   Kinnectedsm is A Private Healthcare Membership Association

I visted the Standard Process Farm this summer, yes they do actually Grow their nutritional products, from acceptionaly fertile soil! It was an actual farm not a lab! I wanted to see if they were the real deal. Very impressive facility!They exceeded my expectations!


“…Kelly Carter is undoubtedly one of the best Active Isolated Stretching Practitioners in the world…”Aaron L. Mattes, Developer of A.I.S.

Symptoms of "Atrial Fibrillation"

Having weaned off all medications (which incidentally never worked very well), and adding Alphabiotic and Kinnected treatments to my program of acupuncture to address the Atrial Fibrillation, has allowed me to experience the longest symptom free intervals since the onset of this condition over a decade ago.  As these healthy intervals of sinus rhythm expand from weeks into months I fully anticipate this condition to be reversed permanently.  My decade of suffering is over and I am appreciative for having had the opportunity to receive the Alphabiotic and Kinnected treatments from you Kelly.            Eternally Grateful, David L. Greene, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.  

Focus / Endurance  “…..We filmed twelve hours a day, seven days a week for a month straight, all while working full-time on morning radio. Such a physically demanding schedule would have been nearly impossible without Kelly Carter.” Adam Carolla, www.adamcarolla.com Comdedian/Actor/Writer


“Kelly’s mastery of the fighting arts, Chinese Medicine, Olympic

Weightlifting and Active Isolated Stretching create an ultimate

experience for those looking to optimize their athletic          

performance  and recuperation time.”

Dr. Darren Weissman, 3X Best Selling Authorand

                                      Developer of The LifeLine Technique

“…if you are experiencing any discomfort in your life whether

it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual Kelly is a wonderful

ally ripe with experience in many, many healing modalities and

you owe it to yourself to give him a call and allow him to “Kinnect”

you to your highest potential. The technique was so powerful,

we could even use it over the phone." 

Conor “Hurricane” Heun Stikeforce MMA Fighter


I had the good fortune of hearing Kelly Carter speak at The Alphabiotic Homecoming in fall of 2013. I have heard many speakers present over the years at various functions and Kelly really stands out. His approach to health via his Kinnected Method as well as his interpersonal skills in regards to presenting his philosophies on healing, certainly make me consider relocating from NYC to LA to utilize his expertise more often! He is truly a gifted practitioner and I highly recommend his services! Dr Tom Sullivan www.advancedwc.com

The Athlete - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Best of the Best …Kelly Carter has been working with me for many years. He has helped me gain power, flexibility, and maximize my athletic performance…  I highly recommend him to anyone interested in working withthe best. Being a Champion is being "Kinnected"! Pablo Popovitch

ADCC World Champion, 4X World Champion, 4X Pan Am Champion

See full record - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Popovitch