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We had an outstanding seminar in Sterling, IL!


"Lead with your Heart          Not your Head"

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Dr. Kelly T. Carter

 Dr. Kelly T. Carter has been practicing The Mattes Method of AIS for nearly 20 years. He learned directly from the founder of the system, Aaron Mattes.

 Dr. Carter received his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA. He is a Tai Chi Master and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He views healing and performance through the lenses of a Dr. and an athlete.

 He is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Louisiana. 

 He is AIS certified and has practiced in LA and New Port Beach since 2002 and is not currently practicing acupuncture in the state of CA.

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“…Kelly Carter is undoubtedly one of the finest Active Isolated Stretching Practitioners...”   Aaron L. Mattes, Developer of A.I.S.

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Active Isolated Stretching

AIS is a gentle form of flexibility and deep muscle strengthening that reduces muscular compensation and balances the overall structure. Dr. Carter specializes in increasing the fitness and integrity of the spinal muscles for a high performance posture. AIS is assisted by the practitioner and can be learned for self-care. Dr. Carter is certified and has been practicing AIS since year 2000.

Tai Chi/Chi Gung

Dr. Carter wrote his doctoral dissertation on "The Efficacy of Tai Chi for the Treatment of Anxiety" and is a certified Master Instructor practicing since 1989. We offer Tai Chi and

Gi Gung for self-care practice, health and meditation. Many studies support the benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Gung for different health conditions as well as general health, longevity and postural integrity.   


The Dr. Jon Sunderledge method of acupuncture was developed in the most successful acupuncture clinic, on many levels, in the world. The results from this system are virtually unheard of in the acupuncture world. Dr. Kelly was first treated from Dr. Jon for a foot fracture that, according to the orthopedic surgeon, required a full leg cast and to screw the foot together. Ten acupuncture treatments and some self care later allowed 100% recovery. Dr Kelly was sold! He studied and consulted with the late Dr. Jon for the next 20 years.


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Adam Carolla Testimonial
Powerlifter/Bodybuilder Resolves Chronic/Arthritic  Knee Pain

Jake Spray, MMA Fighter

Battle of the Bayou, New Orleans, LA.

AIS Seminar

Collaborative Courts Talk

Calf and Hamstring Series


“…..We filmed twelve hours a day, seven days a week for a month straight, all while working full-time on morning radio. Such a physically demanding schedule would have been nearly impossible without Kelly Carter.”

     Adam Carolla,                  Comdedian/Actor/Writer

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“Kelly’s mastery of the fighting arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Olympic Weightlifting and Active Isolated Stretching create an ultimate experience for those looking to optimize their athletic performance  and recuperation time.”
               Dr. Darren Weissman, 4X Best Selling Author and Developer of The          

               LifeLine Technique

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“…Kelly Carter is undoubtedly one of the finest Active Isolated Stretching Practitioners...”
   Aaron L. Mattes, Developer of A.I.S.

 I've been working with Kelly since 2005 and every session I have with him, I learn something new. He is truly a healer of the body. Whether he uses Lifeline Technique, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), or Olympic Weightlifting he will find a way to unlock your body and get it working properly again. He has taught me to not only stretch my body but also strengthen it properly. I can't think of a better gift you can give your body than learning how to keep it limber and strong, and Kelly can teach you these skills. I'm very grateful for all his help and highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning more about the power of their own bodies.

  Matt Fuerbringer Professional Beach   Volleyball Player

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"…Kelly Carter has been working with me for many years. He has helped me gain power, flexibility, and maximize my athletic performance…  I highly recommend him to anyone interested in working with the best. Being a Champion is being "Kinnected"!
              Pablo Popovitch - ADCC World Champion, 4X World Champion, 4X Pan  

              Am Champion, Hall of Fame.......

Dr. Kelly Carter

1514 17th Street

Santa Monica, CA. 90404


3 Corporate Plaza

New Port Beach, CA. 92625


3001 Division Street #203,
Metairie, LA 70002, USA





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AIS and Tai Chi Seminars for Practitioners and self-care!

Inquire about AIS and Tai Chi Seminars through contact page.

Talk in Tustin, CA,

200 Participants

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AIS Seminar,

Sterling, IL


AIS Seminar, San Diego, CA. 90 Participants

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AIS Talk, Big John McCarthy's Gym, Valencia, CA.

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