Brief Description of Oriental                   Medical Services


Small hair-thin, disposable needles are inserted into specific, prescribed points of the body to activate the meridian systems and promote Chi and blood flow. Electric stimulation is frequently used to enhance the process.


Herbal Therapy

Medicinal herbs are prescribed to support the overall healing process. These herbs and supplements are taken home and give great support to the bodies healthful function.


Gua Sha

A tool is used to gently scrape and stimulate specific areas of the body to improve circulation and break up scar tissue and adhesions. A special, polarized CBD oil is generally used with and greatly enhances the process.


Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation (Hackupuncture)

The theory of “entrainment” supports that idea that the body models the frequency that is generated by the safe, gentle electro-acupuncture device. The same healthy frequency that the human body runs at is used to allow homeostasis.