Acupuncture is the Foundation of                          Kinnected Well-Being


A typical Acupuncture session and what to expect.

Each session is designed to help you relax and be comfortable.  Most sessions, for acupuncture, you will be either face up or face down on a table and sometimes sitting in a chair. The session generally takes 20 minutes once the needles are placed. It is best to wear loose, flexible clothing that allows mobility and easy access to acupuncture points and for the times we may do some AI Stretching.


What do we treat?

Acupuncture alone can address a wide array of health challenges. It can be used for many challenges both directly and indirectly. Addressing stress reactivity enhances the body’s ability to heal.

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Kinnected Well-Being will provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for holistic health care.



To inspire and contribute to optimal health by providing the best care to all patients by addressing the whole person through natural health and education of self-care modalities.


Our Method

We provide a personal caring integrative approach to Eastern Medicine to allow the optimal results toward your health and well-being. We offer and make available exceptional techniques rooted in Chinese medicine accompanied with self-care knowledge to empower patients to thrive. Dr. Carter is passionate about sharing this exceptional, unique and clinically proven method of acupuncture with the world.