Explanation of Modalities


Acupuncture “Bio-Hackupuncture”

Healing and balancing the energy in your body allows the mind and brain to reside in a state of “growth and repair” and out of a state of ‘fight or flight”. In growth and repair the immune system is turned on, and the fight or flight response is shut down.  This style of “Bio-Hackupuncture” is unique in that it has evolved to keep up with the growing stress in the world.


LifeLine Technique

The LifeLine Technique helps to harmonize with subconscious emotional reactive patterns, addressing the emotional root of dis-ease. LifeLine harmonizes with triggers that throw us into fight or flight. This is a process that helps you to live “intentionally”.



Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) “Mattes Method”

AIS is a highly, sophisticated method of lengthening muscle tissues, lymphatic drainage and structural realignment. Dr. Carter is highly regarded as an AIS practitioner, has produced videos and teaches seminars on AIS regularly. Dr. Carter’s videos are used by the USA Olympic Wrestling program as their official flexibility and recovery program. AIS is performed both with the practitioner and as s self-care method. Correcting and maintaining healthy posture is a key aspect of AIS.


I am” Tai Chi

Dr. Carter offers supplemental classes for Tai Chi to empower patients with tools to reach their optimal health. He has practiced Tai Chi since 1989 and has been endorsed as a Tai Chi master both in the US and China. He wrote his highly regarded doctoral dissertation on the “Efficacy of Tai Chi for the Treatment of Anxiety” and developed a methodical approach to “Intentional Tai Chi”.




Herbs and Supplementation

Dr. Carter offers a simple base foundation of whole food supplements and herbal formulas that greatly enhance to the immune system. He focuses on gut and brain health through daily supplementation and very effective cleanses.


Twi Na

Chinese bodywork is a powerful way to allow better neuro communication and lift you out of “fight or flight” states, allowing the immune system to function optimally.




Chinese Medical Andrology – Men’s Reproductive Health

Acupuncture, combined with addressing intimacy blocking emotional reactivity of the LifeLine Technique, is very effective for enhancing the libido and addressing physical and emotional root causes of ED. Acupuncture is very effective for prostate health, fertility, sperm health, and hormone imbalance. The Kinnected method draws from centuries of Chinese medical experience for helping men of all ages to optimize their sexual health, fertility, performance and urological well-being.

 Acupuncture allows safe, effective, and noninvasive approach to men’s health issues and ED.

Acupuncture has a long history of successfully addressing premature ejaculation without the side effects that are commonly experienced from sex enhancing drugs. Acupuncture and herbs can relieve pain from chronic prostatitis.



Face Lift “Fountain of Youth” Program

Acupuncture, combined with AIS for postural enhancement and facial exercises is a very powerful way to maintain a youthful appearance. Tightening and toning the facial muscles, straightening and toning the neck and thoracic spine to lift the posture, takes years and years off your appearance as well as increasing your overall health, particularly cardiovascular health.


Spinal Challenges

Dr. Carter is very experienced with back and neck injuries. Bio-Hackupuncture is very successful with disc injuries. Dr. Carter personally had many back and neck injuries  with severe pain syndromes that he resolved through this work.


Ankle and Foot Injuries

Dr. Carter has had four major foot and ankle injuries that he rehabbed himself very successfully with his work including a fracture (Liz-Franc Fracture) that was resolved with Bio-Hackupuncture. These experiences gave him a great opportunity to prove the efficacy of his work to himself and gain great empathy for his patients.

Importance of Posture

"Lead with your heart not your head."


Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.06.34 PM.png

The human head protrudes too far

forward with most individuals. For

most clients, posture can improve

significantly within one session.

This distorted posture presents a much

older appearance that robs youthfulness.

When the spinal muscles are tight and inflexible, overall movement is

compromised. This forward lean imposes damaging pressure to the heart, lungs and

other internal organs as well as limits athleticism and weakens the overall

structure. "Text Neck", due to technology,

plays a large roll in postural distortion as